How to Fix a Squeaky Hardwood Floor

Skill Level: Beginner | STANLEY Pro Project Guides

The ideal way to tame a squeaky floor is to add wedges and support from underneath. Even then, subflooring may put the source of the squeak out of reach. The method shown here attacks from above, using the coarse zinc coating of galvanized nails to hold the flooring. Locate squeaky areas, using pressure from your heel to find the exact source. Mark near each spot with tape.

Step 1: Drill Angled Holes


Drill angled pilot holes for the nails. Choose a bit that makes it easy to nail but still grips the nail—a 3⁄32-in. bit should be about right. Drill pairs of holes at opposing angles to firmly hold the flooring down. 

Step 2: Cross Nail


Use a hammer to pound an 8d galvanized finishing nail into each hole. Stop before there is any danger of the hammer head hitting the wood.


Step 3: Set the Nails


Pound the nail heads about 1⁄8 in. into the flooring using a nail set and hammer.


Step 4: Add Putty


Using a putty knife, fill the holes with tinted putty.