Atita Verghese  


After finishing high school in 2013, Atita was introduced to skateboarding through a friend, and spent time at the park borrowing skateboards, practicing, and acquiring skills. Inspired by her mother and grandmother, and through personal resolve and determination, she has overcome challenges to become the first professional female skateboarder in India. 

STANLEY has chosen to sponsor Atita as she is a true pioneer – an innovator and creator – not just in her community, but in her country as a whole. Atita is dedicated to motivating and coaching other young girls, inspiring them to break free from stereotypes, and encouraging them to follow their ambitions – opening up a world of potential future opportunities. 

Supported by Atita, Girl Skate India is the first and largest platform designed to feature, connect, and increase the number of female skateboarders in India. Embracing difference, it empowers girls and helps them gain confidence through skateboarding – a non-traditional activity that provides an outlet for the next generations to express themselves. 

STANLEY is proud to support this ground-breaking young athlete, who has followed in her family’s footsteps to achieve her vision. Discover more about her story in this inspirational video.